Drednot Changelog

May 17: Version ℵ16

May 7, 2019: Version ℵ15+

May 6, 2019: Version ℵ15

April 20, 2019: Version ℵ14+

April 20, 2019: Version ℵ14

April 11, 2019: Version ℵ13

April 11, 2019: Version ℵ12+

(Originally released April 1, but rolled back due to severe network issues.)

March 30, 2019: Version ℵ12

March 26, 2019: Version ℵ11

- Added information about portals to Help.
- Removed the new starting items from ship loot drops.
- Prevented worlds from getting frozen while searching for spawn positions.
- Ships now have a maximum size of 80x80 blocks, or 10x10 overworld blocks.
- Ship loot now spawns on portals.
- Lowered shield regen rate down to a constant amount per second. Large ships were able to regen several hundred DPS, making them essentially invulnerable.
- Invite URLs and other security keys changed from 64 character hex to 24 character base64.

- Added multiple overworld zones and portals that connect them.
    - Finch I & II are the same as the old overworld, but are slightly smaller.
    - Freeport I is a small, empty safe zone. There are no bots and weapons are disabled.
- Adjusted the starting ship layout. Now includes a small upper deck where drops are deposited, two shield boosters, and ammo has been moved next to turrets.
- Many changes to bullets and different ammo types:
    - All ammo types except Sniper can no longer damage the shooter. This should make Breaker bullets less annoying to use.
    - All ammo types except Standard now have a 100% increased delay between shots. This should make Standard Ammo more viable. This delay may be reduced depending on feedback.
    - Both Flak and Scatter ammo have 50% increased lifetime and 300% increased spread. This should make Scatter more interesting and slightly viable for crowd control at long range, and should make Flak much more viable.
    - Flak ammo's 50% damage penalty on it's initial projectile has been removed.
    - Trash ammo now has the same damage as standard ammo. It's DPS remains the same as before.
    - Breaker ammo now properly destroys walls if it spawns inside a wall.
- Blocks in the overworld can now be mined for items.
    - Normal blocks have a 25% chance to drop a stack of metal.
    - Blocks with white diamonds drop rare items.
- Rare item drop rate from enemies has been halved.
- Ships now regenerate shields (health) at 1% per second.
- Ship acceleration is now constant, it no longer depends on ship size. This is a stopgap to make larger ships more viable. 
- Per-ship interval between RC cannon shots was greatly reduced.
- Improved ship embiggener sprite.
- Renamed ship repair kit to ship shield booster. Redrew sprite.
- Overworld Item drop despawn time has been increased to 1 hour.
- Team Manager player list can now be scrolled horizontally if needed.

- Doubled resolution of all sprites.
- Made various small changes to a number of sprites.
- Made the selected row in the crafting menu more distinct.
- Doubled the precision of networked positions.
- Lots of small improvements to the way GameMasters are handled by the Team Manager.
- Fixed turret names in Team Manager logs.
- Now testing multiple networking threads on the server. This is yet another thing that hopefully won't cause the server to crater.
- Made ship loot drops more interesting.
- Current item UI has been converted to HTML. This was mainly done so Chrome's translation system can translate it.

- Re-Plumbed, refactored, and simplified the master script. Hopefully didn't break anything.
- Fixed bug in Firefox that caused the chatbox to be focused after it was closed.
- Added team management system and a Captain rank. See Help for more information.
- Adjusted drop rates:
    - Overall drop rate slightly decreased.
    - Explosives drop rate slightly increased.
    - Random item drop rate significantly decreased. (It was WAY higher than I thought it was!)
    - RC Turret drop rate increased by 50%.
- Loading materials into the fabricator now plays the reload sound.
- Changed turret ammo displays, again.
- Added unofficial wiki link. Thanks, Redbonky!

- Fixed issue with random names on first visit.
- Fixed issues with link elements getting focused while ingame.
- Fixed issue with zoom not being set to maximum after exiting a station.
- Gave myself a [GM] tag in chat, and a bright green name. I'll stop creeping on Sky now.
- Added a maintenance shutdown timer.
- Added a static string table to the network serializer. This should save a significant amount of bandwidth.
- Added network culling of far away ships. This should also save a significant amount of bandwidth, but may lead to some instability.
- Restriction on duplicate team names removed.
- Increased overall drop rate by 10%, decreased individual drop rates for everything except metal.
- Doubled max chat message length.
- Replaced turret ammo indicators with "x"s and "o"s when zoomed out.
- Discovered my concerns over uWebSockets were a non-issue.

- Replaced client-facing network back-end with uWebSockets. Should be a good deal more efficient.
- Default zoom level has been doubled. Sprites will be redrawn soon to account for this.
- Added an in-game changelog.
- Added team join/leave messages.
- Fixed sniper bullets phasing into the world.
- RC Turrets can now be unloaded by clicking on them.
- Added label text to the item hatch.
- Added more prominent Reddit and Discord links.
- Slightly improved UI scaling.
- Updated help and quick start with some information about RC turrets.
- Updated Privacy Policy and Terms.