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The servers generate daily logs of economic activity. This data is publicly accessible and may have many uses. For example:

General Information

Files are uploaded daily, at around 0 UTC. They contain data from the previous 24 hours. They should be accessible indefinitely, and once generated, they will not be modified (with the exception of the item schema).

The format should be reasonably stable, but some fields might change, and new information might be added to future dumps. Programs consuming the data shouldn't make assumptions. For instance, a ship ID might be present in the log file but missing from the active ship file.

Dumps do not include any data from the labs.

Dumps are stored at URLs of the form:{INSTANCE}/econ/{YEAR}_{MONTH}_{DAY}/{FILE}

FILE: summary.json

This file is un-compressed JSON, and contains some hopefully convenient stats. The hope is that if you want to build a simple app or run a quick test, you can just check the summary files without parsing the larger dumps. The file contains these fields:

FILE: ships.json.gz

This file is GZIP-COMPRESSED JSON, containing an array of objects. Each object represents a ship that was active and saved during that day, and has these fields:

FILE: log.json.gz

This file is GZIP-COMPRESSED JSON, containing an array of objects. Each object represents either an item being taken from an item crate by a ship, or an item crate being destroyed. These objects contain the following fields:

Items intentionally ejected and picked up by the same ship are not included in this file.

FILE: item_schema.json

[NOTE] Only a single instance of this file is generated:{INSTANCE}/econ/item_schema.json

This file will change, but only between updates. Due to aggressive caching, it might take some time to obtain a fresh copy. If you are having trouble, you can try "cache busting" by appending a query parameter.

This file is un-compressed JSON, containing an array of objects. Each object represents a kind of item in the game. The meaning of most fields should be fairly obvious upon some inspection. The same information with more details can be found in the game code, but it seems stupid to tell users that they need to reverse the game to build anything with this.

FILE: bot_drops.txt

[NOTE] Only a single instance of this file is generated:{INSTANCE}/econ/bot_drops.txt

The same points about updates and caching from item_schema.json apply to this.

This file is user-readable plain-text, and lists the drop rates for most bots. Older bots such as those from Vulture are not included.

Initial Dump URLs

PROD: 2022_11_23

TEST: 2022_11_13


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