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Manual RC Control & Turret Boosters

RC turrets can now be manually controlled by crew, granting a 100% increase to fire-rate and a 10% chance to not consume ammo.

The update also adds turret boosters, which will further buff a controlled RC turret's stats when they are held in a player's inventory. These boosters only work on RC turrets, and will slowly deplete. Partially depleted boosters provide less benefits, but can be recharged by simply returning to a safe zone. The chance to deplete a booster is scaled by the ammo's damage.

More boosters may be added in future updates.

Enhanced Turret Controllers

This update adds 1x1 block Enhanced Turret Controllers, which can control any single turret from anywhere on a ship. The controlled turret can be selected by holding R and moving the cursor. Turret boosters work on RC turrets through these enhanced controllers. Currently the controllers work on all turrets, but this may change due to balance concerns with burst turrets.


Both turret boosters and enhanced turret controllers can be obtained from bots in the Vulture mission. Larger bots and bosses will drop larger amounts.


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