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This is a (hopefully) comprehensive guide to the new shield system. If you don't want to read walls of text, the pictures should give you a good enough idea to get started.

Base Health + Passive Regen

All ships have 2000 base HP, visible as 2 green segments on their health bar.

All ships passively regen 100 HP/second. Once the base HP is filled, this passive regen will fill other pools of health.

Minimal Setup

The starter ship contains two tanks for shield fluid next to a Navigation Unit, which functions as a primitive shield projector. Crafting more tanks will increase the health pool, but passive regen will slow with more health due to leakage.

Component Overview

A basic shield setup looks like this:

A minimal setup only requires tanks and projectors, but would have to rely on passive regen.

Obtaining Components

Shield Cores, Generators, and Projectors are dropped by blue bots in Finch and Sparrow. Fluid Tanks can be crafted in machine fabricators.

Tanks, Projectors, and Leakage

All tanks of shield fluid leak over time. Larger systems leak more, making them more wasteful. Passive tanks leak at 1%/second, while active tanks leak at 2%/second.

Tanks of shield fluid can be either active or passive. A bank of tanks is active when an adjacent projector is enabled. Projectors can be toggled by clicking on them. Navigation Units function as shield projectors which are always enabled.

Only active tanks count as usable shield HP, but they will leak twice as rapidly. Passive tanks also receive boosted generation efficiency.

HP from shield fluid is visible in a ship's health bar:

Shield Generators and Efficiency

There are some rules when placing generators. In order to function, a generator's face must be touching a tank or another valid generator. It may touch two tanks and/or generators, but it will only select one to power. There cannot be cycles or generators facing each-other.

Shield generators must be loaded with either Shield Cores or Shield Boosters. Shield Cores provide approximately 5000 HP, while Shield Boosters provide only around 500 HP. Continued use of Shield Boosters is not recommended.

Shield generators have an efficiency stat which is influenced by several factors. It is determined as follows.

Start with a base efficiency of 100%.

Next, the efficiency is adjusted based on the number of total generators. Adding more generators to a ship provides diminishing returns. To get the final efficiency value, multiply by 1/(-px + p + x) , where p = 0.9 and x is the total number of shield generators.

Assuming no other bonuses or debuffs, this should provide around:

Generator Matrix Optimization

Generator efficiency can be increased through matrix optimization.

Clicking a generator will show a UI similar to this. A colored maze and text input are shown. Entering the correct code will boost efficiency for 30 seconds, while entering the wrong code will decrease efficiency for 30 seconds.

The correct code is determined by moving from the upper-left start of the maze to the lower-right exit, along the colored tubes, and noting which colors are touched. For this maze, the sequence of colors is blue, magenta, orange, yellow which corresponds to the code 5623. These colors always correspond to the same numbers. Each maze has a single, unique solution.

A colorblind mode for this minigame is available in the game settings.

InterStellar - 220 days ago Link

This will take a long time for me to understand

BroadTench - 219 days ago Link

same here

Piklkat472 - 219 days ago - Edited 219 days agoLink

Size of the equipment annoyed me at first but its not so bad; just have to jam them where i can a bit. Besides, its just a small storage sacrifice to have a very sizable sheild system.

deleted-4288373 - 219 days ago Link

Completely changes the game's mechanics, old players may quit the game

azwashere - 219 days ago Link

Yeah bro... like now i need to scrap all of my old ships + now i also need to understand the new sheild system... all of this happen bc of phone healers :(

pro best - 219 days ago Link

this is so hard to understand

Tystes - 219 days ago Link

what??? my brain

Revege - 219 days ago Link

i feel like i should quit tbh this gonna take along long time for me to understand this

mateopro - 219 days ago Link

now we have to destroy everything and rebuild but I consider that with a way to restart the game since people are going to have to mine more of those things and build new ships(so clearly I disagree)

JackieChan - 219 days ago - Edited 219 days agoLink

It looks like an ok replacement, however it will take some time to understand and idk what was wrong with the old system. I also feel like I should quit too.

Lolex - 219 days ago Link

Sounds fine but very confusing. Personally, I feel like this is the time where a new interactive tutorial should be added instead of fully relying on a massive document which not only skips a major part aka using the mechanics in practice but also some data is outdated.

drdirtclod - 219 days ago Link


Admiral IA - 219 days ago Link

Honestly, a change in the right direction, although unfair to collect at first, and def unfair to beginners. We'll see how this goes

suuuu - 219 days ago Link

please no

XCardX - 219 days ago - Edited 218 days agoLink

After hours of farming blue bots, I got a litteral pile of sheild cores, zero sheild generaters, and zero sheild projectors, and on top of that all of my ships have been nerfed. I farmed for 3 hours. If the drop chances don't get increased I might quit, because it is very frustrating to get nerfed and then be completely powerless to update my ships, and I also did see other people get those items to drop, but only people who had much better ships, which has me questioning rather or not those items are patron or combat power based in terms of drop chances.

Edit:finnaly got the generator and projector, after another hour of farming

Long Dong - 219 days ago - Edited 218 days agoLink


UPDATE: Uh, you can build flux tanks for 64 metal....sorry

Chiken - 218 days ago Link

This is completely game breaking and too complex for regular players to understand. If this update does not get any good fixes I am sure that many players including me new and old will quit the game.

Cogg, if you are reading this, stop. I like your game and ideas but this one is just too wild. I actually don't know what to write anymore.

hogg - 218 days ago Link

It's stupid, battle ships now need a lot of more space to place this system.

Long Dong - 218 days ago Link

"Next, the efficiency is adjusted based on the number of total generators. Adding more generators to a ship provides diminishing returns. To get the final efficiency value, multiply by 1/(-px + p + x) , where p = 0.95 and x is the total number of shield generators."


Just trying to work out if generators can be connected end to end to boost production? (diagram seems to suggest this is possible)

Fundamental risk here is turning a social game with clans and network effects into a solo game with no real 'heart'. Dred has a special connection as a result, will it survive losing this?

ChaoticJ - 218 days ago Link

I don't get any of this....

Long Dong - 217 days ago Link

One other thought...why make these 'items' to be collected like pokemon? Why not make them (for a price in iron, flux, explo or rubber)? It favours clans with industrial scale harvesting operations, how would a noob last long enough to enjoy the game?

1802568 - 217 days ago Link

this is like cancer

BulgarianMan - 216 days ago Link

It will be a bit hard to do the math

Avilore - 216 days ago Link

am i the only one who understood this?

Bread cat - 216 days ago Link

do all tanks boost the leak rate, or does a connected group of 5 have a diff rate than a connected group of 6 on the same ship?

HowietzerH - 215 days ago - Edited 215 days agoLink

Now to farm materials we have to farm both the regular bots and the new shield bots which makes it quite longer - or try farming enough metal to provide energy for the generators

Jodiga - 215 days ago Link

Why can't we just have an auto ship healer with the limit of 1-3 per ship (depending on size, more healers can be added).

Dedbot - 214 days ago Link

How fast are shield cores consumed? I'd like to find out how many I need to store

Dedbot - 213 days ago Link

Also I think you should keep old shield cores because its good to have a way to craft them even if its not as effective

kan kan - 212 days ago Link


PshsayGayz - 212 days ago Link


staly - 211 days ago - Edited 173 days agoLink

It sounds a little sad for others that need to scrap their ships, but is a good idea for not using the shield bots for cheat their ships, now that is history now.

entity1202 - 206 days ago Link

this is a pretty good idea and seems to lower the overall health for ships. it also makes shields more than just making ur ship bigger

Sneslover22 - 197 days ago Link

been shooting down blue bots for 20 minutes, no generator yet. Bad rng?

biggest cheese - 195 days ago Link

the materials are hard to get but the way to use them seems kinda simple

beb720 - 191 days ago Link

I love how detailed this game is getting

airfrance - 188 days ago Link

ngl i did not like it at first but i think you made it betetr

cogg2 - 184 days ago Link


cogg2 - 184 days ago Link


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Nibroc123 - 174 days ago Link

Bro Cmon I know there where some problems with the old systems but really, this is just too complex, me and my freinds are donw with this

Mr Gabriel - 170 days ago Link

This is a nice update

killz - 166 days ago Link

Don't feel like pretty much learning the game again. I hate to say it but I think its time to quit after playing for so long.

326601 - 158 days ago Link

Add Usernames back.

suser300 - 146 days ago Link

I don't like this update tbh, i would rather have the old version

suser300 - 146 days ago Link

I don't like this update tbh, i would rather have the old version

TOTE DEFEAT - 142 days ago Link

thx bro

Mog - 121 days ago Link

This is an epic update!! Cuz solo players are always unable to defeat clan with a lot of shield-users.

with this system, we can optimize the ship and make space to put a lot of tanks/generators.

VIP Bog - 118 days ago Link

something interesting i think so

Je suis miserable - 118 days ago Link

super unfair for noobs

uzer - 112 days ago Link

you know you can just get starter ships and then export the tanks and nav from that

FentabobYT - 106 days ago Link



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