Lockdown Mode: Built-In Countermeasures Against Theft - Roadmap

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cogg - 505 days ago - Edited 475 days agoLink

Initially, the game wasn't fully persistent. You were expected to spend maybe a few hours on a ship, then it gets blown up and you restart. In that kind of game, I was totally fine with theft and greifing. But now users spend potentially hundreds of hours hoarding, building, and trying to obtain ultra-rare items, and I can't allow it to continue in good conscience.

I've tried to put my foot down previously, but I honestly don't have the patience to enforce the "no social manipulation" rule. I'd rather (REDACTED) than sort through whatever interpersonal issues led to most of these incidents.

Part of the problem is joint ship ownership. To be 100% clear, if you own a ship jointly and it contains items you don't want to lose, you are an idiot. This weird pseudo marriage "merge" thing is pure refined cringe and it needs to stop. It needed to stop such a long time ago.

The Proposed Solution

By default, ships are in lockdown mode. In order to exit lockdown mode, it's owner, or all of it's highest ranked captains must be present in the ship. Once all co-owners are preset, there will be a short timeout before lockdown mode is disabled.

When in lockdown mode:

This should put an end to the most serious thefts, which happen while an owner is offline. Greifing and smaller thefts will still be possible, which I'm not totally happy with but overall I think are fair game. Of course players will still have ways to sabotage themselves, but I'd like to do what I can to minimize risk.

If you still want to do joint ownership, you can either A) share the same rank, which will require both of you to be present to remove rare items or B) pick one person to be the true owner, and accept any consequences.

Anticipated Questions

Can you add an option to disable this?

Unlikely. If there is it's going to involve some buy-in and a giant warning message. I worry that any option to disable it would lead us back to the same situation. I take a pretty libertarian approach to the game, but there comes a point where I need to step in, and we're far past that point. I could only enable it for ships containing a sufficient number of items, but I think I prefer the simplicity of blanket coverage.

Will this break my auto-trader?

Maybe. I know I'm going to regret this, but at this point I'm willing to give you the explicit go-ahead to use anti-idle scripts to keep them loaded on the owner account. It should be clear to anyone paying attention and not inventing conspiracy theories that I never cared in the first place. But if we end up with 10 auto traders and 20 other boring ships loaded around the clock then I'm going to have to do something about it.

A ship's owner(s) no longer play or their account is lost. Will I lose items on that ship?

In cases where an account hasn't been active for several months and/or you can present compelling evidence that the owner consents, I might be willing to demote owners. This isn't perfect, and I'd rather not have to step in, but it's a small price to pay to deal with an entire severe class of bad behavior.

Farmerofdream - 505 days ago - Edited 505 days agoLink

I love the idea but about the joint ownership a kind of "green light" that owner can give to any player to make him able to by pass the safe mode

perks need to be reset if owner demote himself or ban the user

Diamant - 505 days ago Link

I don't like the idea, griefs are always caused by the owner making a poor decision which he should stand for and shouldn't inconvenience the rest of the game.

I think if implemented it should only apply to legacy items.

AbestTeaLady - 505 days ago - Edited 475 days agoLink

Hi this is a great idea, But can you make, Customizable ranks a feature. Because this feature will; be a better solution to theft. Unlike safe mode, in adding to stopping serious theft, Customizable ranks would stop serious theft and it's a good idea to put, In my ideas to dreadnot, But to other ideas that will make the game better.

bmS8NC - 505 days ago Link

i agree to a certain degree with diamant that people should take responsibility for their actions but not everyone has time or resources to make some anti griefing system

Spiced Ham - 504 days ago Link

IMHO, this is going in the wrong direction. Customizable ranks would be a much better solution to theft. Unlike safemode, in addition to stopping serious theft, customizable ranks would also stop semi serious theft like griefing a PvP ship.

Here is an example to illustrate how customizable ranks would stop some griefs.

Most combat ships have lots of captains on them. People in clans often cap their fellow clanmates so that their clanmates can crew people, send invites, ban enemies, and repair the ship during combat while the owner is driving. Unfortunately, many ships PvP ships have been griefed when the owner is offline. Customizable ranks would give players much more control over security. I think the biggest issue is that ANY captain can load ships when people are offline. I think a rank like captain but can't load the ship would be very helpful.

justanoob - 503 days ago - Edited 503 days agoLink

Honestly, if your aim is to appeal more to newer players, this is a great idea. Safe mode will for certain help those who maybe trust a little too much, or cap the wrong people.

BUT... Most of the current playerbase is far into the game, with massive storages and warships that constantly eject green rarity items. This makes safe mode useless for most of us, which kinda sucks as most of the shenanigans happen because of the "social manipulation" that goes around. I understand cogg is trying to do something about it, but until the playerbase learns who to trust and who not to trust, there is nothing cogg can seriously do to enforce it. Merges are almost required to sustain adequate materials and warships.

A potential solution is to add custom, or more ranks. Revoking the permission to eject certain items for certain ranks is certainly useful, as well as revoking wrench/shredder usage. Warships can have captains able to load the ship and use it, invite people, demote/promote people, but not the ability to eject items, or maybe to use a wrench. This is all customizable by the ship owner. Multiple highest captains is a bad idea in that sense.

As for merges, as much as they are "necessary", people will learn with time who to trust and who not to trust. It is really not cogg's problem if somebody promotes someone who is a KNOWN griefer. A better way of sharing this information could help potentially prevent this, such as a log of griefs or like the Public Economy Data Dumps cogg mentioned in an earlier post. Anything in the sort of making bad actors more known can greatly help security. Safe mode as described above would probably not have a significant effect on the things cogg is trying to stop, without changing the meta in an unrealistic way.

Lifesucks - 500 days ago Link

So I don't know if this will be taken seriously but have you guys thought about what if you are a friend of someone using a battle ship and they are trying to unload? Or if you capped someone to build you a ship using their storage, you couldn't eject loaders, pushers, item launchers, etc... I understand where Cogg is coming from with this idea, and I like it but there are still flaws that he needs to work out

Riphappyier - 500 days ago Link

wtf this is a horrible idea

G0N3 - 499 days ago Link

this is kinda a bad idea, just horrible, just make it so captains can only use wrenches plus if multiple people are capped on lets say a storage U CANT BUILD AN AUTO! and make it so caps can only use ejectors like... this idea is actual garbage sadly. and not everyone has / can get discord so they cant report many people and maybe adding ranks that can have ajustable permissons would fix that. and maybe even make it so fighting in hummingbird / finch isnt a thing! since smaller ships get bullied due to finchers / small farmers i hope you understand. G0N3.

cogg - 498 days ago Link

Just an FYI: This is one of those changes that isn't really negotiable. Custom ranks are several orders of magnitude more engineering work, and I'm not convinced they would solve the problem. We've delt with this over, and over, and over, and it's way past the time where I should have done something about it. If you want to blame someone, blame the people dumb or greedy enough to make it such a big issue.

G0N3 - 498 days ago - Edited 498 days agoLink

well just make it so caps can only use ejectors / wrenches and if its not negotiable, what the hell man! it makes everyones game experience bad since PEOPLE ARE GUNNA CAP PEOPLE. Do not add this, it is a horrible idea. and you could just make a button for safe mode off. cuz then it would be a great idea to add this! as long as u can turn it off :D

LaNgOStInO - 497 days ago - Edited 497 days agoLink

I think this idea is fine, and while I am reading through the reasons other people don't like it, and their 'solutions', most of them don't really make sense; for example, custom ranks. That, as cogg has said, will take exponentially more time, due to requiring custom colors and more buttons in the entire game. Another one: diamant's reason of "griefs are always caused by the owner making a poor decision". An owner could give his 2-year friends cap, and they could still grief, just because they wanted to. "it's just a prank bro". Lastly, G0N3's idea in the comment above mine: only caps using ejectors and wrenches. How does that solve anything? If you actually think over it, Captain [6] is still able to do the same stuff Captain [1] can do. Doesn't fix anything. As for the safe mode concept that this post is about, while it is flawed, he said PROPOSED solution. If you guys have any actually competent ideas on how to fix this, feel free to comment. If you just want to rage and say "oMG, ThiS Is sO BaD!!1!!!11", do it in your clan's Discord, or, better yet, keep it to yourself.

KarlaPlayz - 495 days ago Link

I agree with Damiant's point of griefs being the captain's fault, but I understand something must be done about the situation, and this is your first take.

This idea can be good for some, and bad for others. It's down to opinion really.

hotdogs friend smile - 494 days ago Link

What happens of somebody shreds all the things in the ship instead of ejecting it? I have had incidents like that happen to me on my less secure ships.

-A concerned Dredarkian

KarlaPlayz - 494 days ago Link

That would be your own fault in security, I believe. The difference between shredding and ejecting is that shredding causes you to lose your loot, whereas the latter is "worse" as instead of no one getting the loot, the griefer receives the loot. Cogg needs to focus on most important things first.

Christene3 - 494 days ago - Edited 494 days agoLink

Don't downvote it up vote it because this is such a good idea that needs to be added to drednot

NoNames - 493 days ago Link

I consider that dev doesn't really have to help or hinder griefers. Because its not about some game mechanics or bug abuse, its about people who doing things the way we dont like it, maybe breaking rules of morale, but... lets see an fictional exapmle: Imagine autoships have became a bad thing. Most of people dont likes them, so the dev is going to prevent people from making autoships. He makes a pole with an anouncement and possible solution to the problem. Someone wants him to solve problem the way dev wants it to solve, someone suggests their own ideas about that, someone dont wants anything to change. But, so to restrict people from making autoships, we need to prevent people from thinking about how good is it when some system loads ammo in your turrets instead of you, or in other words we need to delete vital things for the realization of such an idea. Maybe delete loaders, so people couldn't make something to load turrets instead of them, maybe make it impossible for loader to load ammo into turret etc. But do we really need to restrict someone from implement their ideas through the prism of game mechanics? either they are bad or good, you can't make atomic bombs to be impossible to make without removing entire physics out of reality.

G0N3 - 490 days ago Link

I agree with NoNames about the dont have to help or hinder griefers as he said and Langonsto about caps only using it like captain 1 and cap [6] , but i mean like only cap ONE can use. But this update might also ruin the playerbase is another problem, because if this gets added quite lots of the players might leave. Due to having to use solo ships and making giant ships on storages because that ruins merges and its making everybody angry with you so like, Not a good idea cogg. Not a good idea.

KarlaPlayz - 490 days ago Link

For newer players, this would be awesome, but as you've said, captains cannot choose to disable this feature, which many people dislike.

cogg - 489 days ago Link

But this update might also ruin the playerbase is another problem, because if this gets added quite lots of the players might leave

its making everybody angry with you

You must be really new here if you think this is gonna stop me.

G0N3 - 489 days ago - Edited 489 days agoLink

well this is my first time normally commenting / relpying so sorry cogg also, any feedback on the "safe mode off button"? since it would help with alot of people disliking this and if people DO like this idea they can keep it on, right?

Mr Gabriel - 489 days ago - Edited 485 days agoLink

Cogg You Can Update The Game In 10 Of November But The Halloween Not Its In The Game But You Are The Best put this command /Rename Ship

NoNames - 488 days ago - Edited 488 days agoLink

I see you are going to add it anyways, so please do the least, add an "turn Safe Mode Off" button I beg you. I think something went wrong the day finches I and finches II were reworked into Hummingbird and Finch and drop from bots was redone, too. Hummingbird is now a useless dimension where you can only farm for RCs. Before that the newcomers collected resources and produced among other things ammo, too. They were able to redo their ship as they want in Freeport I and go farm back, over time creating storages for themselves, learning about game and game mechanics along with getting new unknown resource, learning about other dimensions, visiting them and collecting stuff, fighting other players and etc. Now they have ammo-drop and no resources in Hummingbird, so they need to go to Finch if they want to do something with their ship besides placing RCs and reloading 'em. It seems to me that the environment for beginners then became ... artificial or something, more easy and less interesting. Then resources revork happened, bot zones and mining zones now made Sparrow just a dangerous dimension for clanmates to fight with enemy clans and hunt down green bot, as long as everything else you can easily get in Finch or in Hummingbird, even flux. Only thing that stays rare nowdays is rubber, but i see its not for long. Dev's trying to make game more easy for new guys, through making another game with same name (Oh, he is changed the name, but anyways), another mechanics and another gameplay feeling. Newcomers likely will be happy about that because they will see it as "it should be", but those who liked the game drednot was unlikely to be so. Im writing all this in the wrong topic because (nowhere else to send this and expect dev to read it) of just wanting to make it clear why im againist game simplification and changes that change the very essence of the game. Imagine a god who intervenes in evolution and changes something so that more new species survive, or, removes the moon, because in his opinion it will be better without it, even if his followers quite liked the moon, he removes it with thoughts of that it would be better for the new followers if the moon did not interfere with them. Do the followers themselves, who have not yet happened, consider that the moon is interfering with them? I dont think so. But will those who really liked the moon, or that predator specie they had fun to hunt on dissapearer, be happy of that?

Mr Gabriel - 488 days ago Link

Pushers are now integrated with the new config system. Their configurations can be copied and pre-set before placement. All pushers now have additional settings: Beam Angle: Can be any angle, not just cardinal directions. Max. Beam Length: Lets you limit the length of the beam. Probably not super useful. Target Speed: The speed that the pusher attempts to push objects at. 0 - 20. Existing pushers maintain their current value of 10. Filter by Inventory: The pusher will test its filter against the inventory of the object. Works for expando-boxes and players. Expando-boxes can now be built at arbitrary rotations by opening their config menu (R). Rotations can be copied from existing boxes, but not pasted, for obvious reasons. Increased the metal dropped by mine ore tiles from 16 to 24. Added the Labs. Currently a work-in-progress. See here for details. Ships spawning through gates will now prioritize hitting other ships over getting stuck on the world. The anonymous key recovery box now uses a monospace font, which should make it consistent with other places keys are displayed and more legible. Adjusted the way ship icons are generated and stored. They should be slightly higher quality and be missing textures less often. Decreased the bevel on expando-boxes and made the build check account for the bevel. Pusher sprites have been updated.

Mr Gabriel - 488 days ago - Edited 488 days agoLink

This 4 November Stoped Of The Update

dani - 479 days ago Link

So are we going to have walls that only the owner can break (aka fp anchors as walls)?

G0N3 - 478 days ago Link

the update is dead now? like has it stopped..? is this not coming out?

KingCebu - 477 days ago Link

tbh i rlly hope this doesnt come out. If it does, it should have to do with legacy items or just rares not green items because some people are cap 2 on ships where cap 1 is inactive and they use that ship for themselves because they got permission. That is a lot of the dredark community. Not only will this be a lot harder for us but also for cogg because hes gonna have to go through a ton of ships to set right caps to cap 1

lols - 477 days ago Link

I would have to agree with justa noob it would help new players but the players with alot of stuff wont be able to do next to anything with there loot but stack it up and to get good you dont really have to be merged with people just gotta make the right decisions no point in punishing the players for peoples faulty decisions If you merge with someone or share cap you need to know if you can trust them or not its like my siutuation with psycho he ended up taking some of my stuff i wasent able to get back but here i am with a full storage of mats and flux cause i made the right descision to leave him

Husky5274 - 476 days ago Link

I wish i can claim my old ships back although i'm using an new acc plz make it so people who might be in the same situation like me can get their old ships back, plz plz plz.

ImnotsureYT - 474 days ago Link

I guess sometimes when the ship owner quits, they can't be reached in any way possible... So how will we show that they consent to whatever we want to do with the ship they own?

i KY - 474 days ago Link

im guess im lost many ships :(

Arcturos - 474 days ago Link

i do not think so i trust my freinds alot and if they greif you when you where freinds they are bad

G0N3 - 473 days ago Link

seriously cogg. in my opinion not many people would like this. if you please could consider not adding this or making a lockdown mode off button that would be so nice.

Checkmate - 473 days ago - Edited 473 days agoLink

This is overall a good idea, I like it, but I think you should have the option to turn it off. Sure, with a giant waarning sign and maybe having to type ¨confirm¨. As you said it it will mess with autotraders, but also with any parkour or arcade ships that have a prize if you win. Parkours and arcades, while not the main thing of the game, add to the experience and to the sense that there are so many options of things to do in drednot. I've personally even been adding games with prizes to my trader ships to keep people entertained and keep the ship loaded longer that way. I don't like the idea of using anti-idle, it feels like cheating. In my case this would kill my 4 auto traders and my 2 flux games ships (in which i've spent a lot of time).. I spent 67 hours designing Flux games 1 and 74 hours designing Flux Games 2 (and this is without build time, prob like 12+ extra hours with paint). I've been also working in Flux Games 3 (23 hours in test and counting), which will have a big flux prize in the end. Sure, it could bring you back to the same issue, but you gave people all the right tools to not get griefed. If they decide to unblock it and then they get griefed, it's on them.

Also won't allowing for anti-idle scripts make it harder to detect heal bots in the future case that you want to do something about them?

KarlaPlayz - 473 days ago Link

It's a complicated problem. Adding a disable button could make it useless, but not adding it can ruin so many ships. Making anti-theft a thing in the game will be, as many have already said, good for new players. But if you don't want it, and you disable it, it will start the whole problem again. Maybe use other things to prevent theft. One person has suggested making blocks only breakable by the owner. While others can still eject, the owner can keep his things secure. I think this needs deeper thought, because it probably won't be one of the updates you have to "get used to" for quite a while.

Dana - 473 days ago Link

please make it so that it is impossible to fly to sparrow in lock mode, but it was possible to go back because otherwise there will be a change in the way of grifering and that's it. still, I hope for custom ranks and adding meaning to maser spikes, you also need to do something with the economy, because now it is in a deplorable state due to the fact that flux is too cheap and rare items cannot be currency for obvious reasons, a new resource is needed or some other reason to fly to sparrow except for balls that are unlikely to be currency + it is necessary to redo the portals since PVP has become, to put it mildly, not very much a departure and a flight back on a conventional bomb in attempts to kick a puncher on a freeport standing. Adding a new resource or at least not here even without or there is too much flux in the game. It is necessary to do something with green fuel, no matter how good it is, but it does not pay off, it is too expensive in battles because loot falls less than it is spent on fuel (

me oww - 473 days ago Link

This update personally sucks. I'll admit it. You need to make it possible to disable, as it cloggs up some ships with tier 3 items nobody can remove until the owner arrives. ITS SO ANNOYING.

G0N3 - 472 days ago Link

i also hate this update also. cogg, like everyone has said just FRICKIN DONT ADD THE UPDATE, OR FRICKIN MAKE A LOCKDOWN MODE OFF BUTTON I SWEAR TO GOD :C

lol - 471 days ago Link

This is certainly a breaking change. As an example, many battleships need to unload loaders, flux, etc. after a good battle. Requiring cap[1] to be personally online to unload things isn't scalable.

As a veteran of this game I can say from experience that almost all griefing would be prevented by only allowing captains to grab wrenches. As far as caps go, you should only promote people you have 100% trust in, but a pseudo-cap rank (commander?) that can do everything a normal captain can do except for spawning the ship would go a long way.

BlueWizardDigital - 471 days ago Link

This isn't a very good idea, as it makes players that are trying to move their ship through PvP and bot-filled zones more at risk to hijacking and an unintentional lockdown of the ship, resulting in loss of progress and items. I was recently the victim of a guest somehow hijacking my ship and ejecting every item out of it while I was trying to drive it around. A lockdown mode would make it impossible to stop this type of thing from going on, and would put a serious dent in player progress and creating whatever they want in the game. Also, please incorporate a function to take items out of crew's inventories and not have to kick them in order to recover items. It will make crew control a great deal easier and more secure. I recommend adding a lock in to prevent any items in the ship to be disassembled, replaced, or ejected while the captain isn't in the ship. My past experience had a guest somehow pull a wrench through a door and break my entire ship while I was gone.

G0N3 - 471 days ago Link

srsly cogg just add a fricking lockdown off b utton i swear to god

G0N3 - 471 days ago Link

horrible idea

SpaceGhost - 471 days ago Link

it would be nice if the senior captain could give away the rights friend

waku - 470 days ago Link

add command /unlock and /disable lock

Kontral - 470 days ago - Edited 467 days agoLink

... This is not a good solution. This is a band-aid for a wound that is about five inches long or so. +-2cm.

Option 1: Proceed with adding the lockdown function but add an on/off switch with a GIANT warning and make them type "confirm" once or twice. You should also make it adjustable.

Option 2: Make a new rank called "Security Chief" or something like it with the ability to do everything a captain can. Excluding promoting/demoting captains and loading ships. They can save a ship, though.

Option 3: Make customize able ranks. This is self explanatory.

Option 4: Do all of them or some combination of them.

UPDATE: Oh... my... *Sigh... Just add the off button then.

In one move, you have most likely made clans completely infeasible or even impossible.

If you think this "lockdown" function will work in it's current form... It won't. Griefers WILL FIND a way around it. Especially in ships, which don't have anchors. Here's an example:

A large ship doesn't have an anchor, but it does have a lot of valuable resources like flux, hyper rubber, ect. Now, if a griefer wants that stuff, all he needs to do is move it out of the safezone, and Voila! Lockdown is useless because the griefer can just destroy it with another ship.

derpi - 469 days ago Link

Honestly, I absolutely love this idea, though I am against legalizing afk bots. People will use afk bots as healbots, combine that with the pseudo-legal phone-bot healing it will be a nightmare for battles

Dozer - 468 days ago Link

hate this idea so fuckin much now merges wont work properly and griefing was apart of the literal game.

angeldevower - 468 days ago Link

I think the idea is good but you should add an option were you allow people to Send valuables, hence "giving them the green-light". But although this might seem like a good idea in the head of many people, many more don't like this idea and I do think the player-base may decline and decrease in this action so Adam "Cogg" Coggeshall for the good of you game add customizable ranks or get rid of the idea conpletley.

Thank You, angel

koneko - 468 days ago Link

This update will be probably a bad update because of the merges and griefing was a part of the game

sponge - 468 days ago Link

i think everyone should be able to access the entirety of a ship even if you are guest and that lockdown should be disabled

G0N3 - 468 days ago Link


Cyclone - 468 days ago - Edited 468 days agoLink

Hey cogg. Look it’s a great idea but it is also not very thought out. I lost an account not too long ago cause my computer broke and I didn’t make an account. Which was fine because I had a spare account that had co leader. But now that you made this a thing I can no longer even use my own items. You need to make this feature optional for the captain or else it is gonna mess a lot of things up. Please consider finding a way to fix this because I can no longer do anything. Thank you, cyclone

tulp69 - 468 days ago - Edited 468 days agoLink

This is a very very bad idea. I have to say I agree with dozer and koneko that griefing is kind of a part of the game, even if it isn't fun for many; dying in sparrow isn't either. If caps are safe about what goes in their ship and put thought into who they promote, they are safe from griefing. Even aside from griefing, this will flip the game almost upside down, considering how people run storages/trading/any interpersonal relationships on the site. I can't use my own ships because I created them on a different account, and I know this is the case for many other people. I literally can't access my own things. Also, if I want to work on a ship that I own with friends, I will have to wait for the registered owner to join before I can do anything(at least that's what I got from this). Literally just add more and better ship/player control options for captains and ship owners(customizable ranks, crew+guest inventory access, etc). I would venture to say that if this isn't eliminated or at least DRASTICALLY changed soon, it will be the final nail in the coffin of this game.

KINGBOB2 - 468 days ago - Edited 468 days agoLink

I LOVE THE GAME and, I love the idea. i need more flux


jcft - 468 days ago - Edited 468 days agoLink

there should be a button that only main cap can use to give permission for a cap to eject loot that way main cap can give access to the people he trust or before leaving he takes away the caps access to eject loot

cause like pred telling me to matt a ship for him or fix a ship using his storage but i can't cause i cant eject :(

FaMoUs D3X ong - 468 days ago Link

W idea, L execution. It shouldnt be mandated, ship owners should have a choice to turn it off

Androvver - 468 days ago Link

im dont like this. im have a frend and im owner on all storages. and he cant use storages.

evil santa - 468 days ago Link

I don't like this bc i cant eject loader or pushers into a warship bc the owner is offline and he quit dred

Mindustry player FFM - 468 days ago Link

Expires: 11.01.2105, 03:00:00 Could you unban me? I wont scam ever again, or ill just use VPN if my dad downloads

Mindustry player FFM - 468 days ago Link

Ả̷͔͈̯̮͙̱̟̅͐̾̅͂͆͂͜͜͠͝W̷̮͔̾N̴̻͐̾̀̅̑̋͊ͅS̵̙͍̮̼̲̖̤͖͓̉͒̋̐̕Ę̸̡͚̣̟̤̞̜͖̫̐̃R̵̳̠̅̈̑̕ ̶̟̱̂̔̑͊̃͒̓̐ͅO̷͇͕̜̰̼̘̜͛̓͜R̶̨̤͇͇͈̯̭̱̾̎̊ ̶̨̨̺̞̙̪̯́̌͂̿̂͋́̑I̴̛̖̖͍̲̔͝͝͠ ̸͔̫̟̪̼͈̝̰̲͛̈́̓̈́͂̑͐̿͝͝Q̴̱̔́́̔̂̽̿Ų̸̹̬̣̞̘̂͒́͝I̵̠͔̪͋̏̐̐͗̉͛͌̓̐͜T̸̲͔̤̥̻́͌͝

Mody12345 - 468 days ago - Edited 468 days agoLink

Hello Cogg You need Edit the update You can make it for rares items like gs - leg - bug - and more

G0N3 - 468 days ago - Edited 468 days agoLink

seriously cogg just make it for gs and leg its so annoying how you didnt listen to any of our reasoning or solutions or detailed ones at that you just ignored us and made it so you added it and made so many people hate you for it there was litterally a ship called "JOIN IF THIS UPDATE IS SHIT" no reason for you to ignore us, we have other good solutions.

Mody12345 - 468 days ago - Edited 468 days agoLink


Cakey - 468 days ago Link

Well to be fair, you are banned. So quitting won't affect him. Plus, VPNs are ban evading

Mindustry player FFM - 468 days ago Link

bet Maciekpolak gonna use VPN to avoid hard ban if he bombs 4h+ server death

Motheo1234 - 468 days ago Link

delt the ubdate

NommingOnFire27 - 468 days ago Link

It broke my storage bc I lost my account so i cant make new ships.

Mindustry player FFM - 467 days ago Link

"cOGg yOU WilL rEGRet nOW"

Mindustry player FFM - 467 days ago Link

if u wont unban me ill use a vpn then scam more people

Patchy - 467 days ago Link

You should make it so that Cap 1 can choose who will be able to eject stuff. That way, if he doesn't trust someone, he can still have cap but not be able to eject green items or higher.

Mindustry player FFM - 467 days ago Link

you sure not unbanning me

BenTeam - 467 days ago Link

Hey cogg Please Dont update My storage.. ):

FeltJose - 467 days ago Link

Hey cogg theres no point of adding lockdown mode what they cant go out of fp and they cant eject green tier items why cant it be all items bc some people like me dont want other people ejecting my mats, exp, and rcs

FeltJose - 467 days ago Link

and u should accually really make a lockdown button

FeltJose - 467 days ago Link

also cogg quick question why cant ppl use proxys or other browsers

Peanut butter - 467 days ago Link

griefing and thievery has to be one of the things that made drednot so much fun. It gave drednot the fun freedom aspect, the fact that you have to deal with so much stuff that wasn't really intended in the game is cool, and that is what made drednot so much fun. I'm not just saying the griefing and stealing im also talking about the clans and the merges etc.I truly believe that the lockdown mode will make drednot a lot more boring causing more people to quit. cause of this lockdown I cant even build ships, I was recently promoted captain on a storage ship and the lockdown makes it so I can not eject any loaders, pushers and its kinda irritating. I also can understand the whole hundreds of hours of hard work wasted cause you gave the wrong person captain. But still, the fault lands on the owner of the ship. I will be honest its nice to hear that you care about what happens in this game which gives me hope that the game can return to its former glory.

Axolotl - 466 days ago - Edited 464 days agoLink

I really love this, because i had many ships in test and regular dred being griefed. keep it this way please update you should have an off button i agree with that also dont unban mindustry also merging is stupid i agree with that

KINGBOB2 - 466 days ago Link

i do not no how to do it i need help. i no it is /lock but i do not no how to make it so wen i am on

Cyclone - 465 days ago - Edited 465 days agoLink

I totally have to agree with what peanut butter said again. Griefing is just a part of the game now: Even if it wasn’t intended it made the game fun. Having to worry about who you should trust. But it the process it also made bonds and brought people together from those who could figure out who they could trust. Removing the ability to eject items stops all the fun in merges and close relationships. I can no longer use my own storage because of the main captain being an old account of mine I can no longer access. This lockdown is causing the game to deteriorate. I’m losing interest because of the fact that the game no longer allows me to trust anyone because it automatically locks them out. I hope you can make a decision to return the game to what is was before.

P.S. this message is coming from someone who has never griefed and who has been griefed. It’s fun to learn who you can trust and even if you make the mistake it’s okay to have to restart. I’ve done it several times.

DaKoalaKing - 465 days ago Link

i think that the antigrief is great but now I cant use any of my storages I won or m merged into some due to inactive equal caps or not being cap 1 and it is really annoying

yosjf - 465 days ago Link

cogg can you email me vack and plus I hate bogg

G0N3 - 464 days ago Link


MeliodasBOSS - 462 days ago Link

help me my stronge is loader no eject

Yin - 462 days ago Link

This update was executed badly but it was a great intention. I say that the update with lockdown should only be set by the owner and can be toggled on and off. This anti-grief system is really bad for merges since some merges have ship owners that don't play anymore making it virtually impossible for them to get stuff off. Some people who have lost accounts had to make an alt with cap on their stuff and then lost it because they cannot access it anymore. I personally do NOT enjoy this update. But it was a great idea with great intentions! I would love to see what you have to do to fix these problems.

MeliodasBOSS - 461 days ago Link

new update is verry bad

G0N3 - 461 days ago Link

bad update. bad cogg.

Poke The Pro - 461 days ago Link

@cogg I need a Alt uncapped from a Storage, its called FED| The Goblin Treasure Trove. Im Second Cap the Cap before me is a alt that we have currently lost access to. If you could demote this person. That would be amazing, reguards PokeThePro.

Alt Name

#I1dRXo Alias of It MA2

VenalRust - 460 days ago Link

I think co owners should be privilleged as he is the same rank as everyone else and he was given co owner and everyone was happy and tbh theft was never a problem its just those people who spam capping everyone lost their stuff like its their own fault and here is me a co owner in several storages losing everything bcuz some people were getting theft and now we are being hostile

G0N3 - 459 days ago Link

hey cogg thanks for the override on lockdown, just a tip. you should probrably crank it to 300 per lockdown override block, since having so many on a ship is going to be frustrating, PLUS. make it so it cannot be broken although people will just trade all their blocks out for it, it will be efficent rather then having to make more each time they get broken, AND dont add a cap on how many you can have BECAUSEEEEEEEEE people will get annoyed, if you do add a cap make it 10 :D

sincerely, G0N3.

RadioactiveThirst - 455 days ago - Edited 455 days agoLink

Maybe you could make lockdown override units adjustable as to how much flux can be removed using the unit, say 2 flux or 20000 flux instead of paying 640 flux to make it so you can eject 1000.

A wild lucian - 453 days ago Link

i like the idea but please add a button to disable guests and crew from using wrenches and pls add a button to fully turn off lockdown mode.

Wilson Vo - 453 days ago - Edited 428 days agoLink

I really like the idea but after the 30 second timeout then it sets the timeout to 24 hours (1 day) and sometimes this bug happens like when I was on a ship that has mechanisms and that happened. Cogg, can you please fix it? I rate this update a 3 out of 5. If you fixed it i will maybe rate this a 5 out of 5.

Also add a button to turn off the lockdown mode in Lockdown Settings and also make a button next to Manage Ship that you click goes to Lockdown Settings and you can click buttons like to disable guests and crew from grabbing shredders, and wrenches. Only captain 1 can turn off lockdown mode. Also you can add a button to set a time for the lockdown mode like 30 seconds to 24 hours. And also add an anti-grief and anti-place mode button in Lockdown Settings to make crew, and guests not grief and place things in Lockdown Mode except Captains can wrench things and place stuff. When the lockdown timer has finished, all Captains, crew, and guests on the ship can place things. Also add these commands in the game. /disable lockdown /antigrief /antishred /lockdown time (put time 30secs-24hrs) example. /lockdown time 1 hour 1 minute 30 seconds /antiwrench /antiplace

And also when in Lockdown Mode Captains below rank 1, crew, and guests can't go to zones except Freeports I, II, and III

Dedbot - 452 days ago - Edited 452 days agoLink

I like the idea of custom ranks too. Like I know people in real life or have alts that I need to have complete control over a ship. For example, I made a battleship in a temporary account, gave myself captain then logged out. Assuming that I would have complete control I logged in on my main after the update and realized that I couldn't eject loot and had to scrap the whole thing by destroying it, a huge waste of time and work. Please fix this or add a button to give someone owner or even add custom ranks which would be really nice. Also the idea of wasting 64 flux for anything is absolutely ridiculous for anything, especially something that doesn't actually give any advantage plus its literally better to just not let some people do stuff via the menu. Also I don't improper security is any issue at all, check all the battleships or storages they are totally impossible to greif from anyone the owner doesn't know very well. Again, I think custom ranks is the way to go but then what is the point of security if the person is incapable of doing anything.

Part 2: Why a custom rank system is good many clans already have very intricate systems of rank and I think it would fit very nicely if you also had custom ranks in ships. It would also be good if you wanted to turn the whole thing off for things like auto ships that are already perfectly secure. If you added custom names and or colors for them that would make the game a lot more cool. If this isn't fixed soon I think the frustration of losing a ship forever because you made it on a anonymously and then lost it or a real owner just decided to quit and leave their items to the other captains but the captains can't use them will drive many players away. I know that a fully customizable rank system would be a lot so this is all that really needs to be done: give owner/co-owner and no wrench/shred/eject

RadioactiveThirst - 436 days ago Link

Maybe add a default amount of flux that can be ejected, like 4 stacks, so that you can steal a little bit but not completely fuck someone's drednot career over.

Mr Gabriel - 434 days ago Link

Cogg Why Dont Have Update For 2 December Plz In Jaunary Updates More And I Love This Game And Can Put Increase Of Flux For 4 To 8 And We More Easy And Put Double Of Seeker Bots

G0N3 - 431 days ago Link

srsly wtf cogg??!

BlAcKWoLfTR - 430 days ago Link

q q qq q

q q

G0N3 - 429 days ago Link

@cogg i dont know if that works. but can you add a customizeable item type thing to test drednot? like you can insert a pixel art image, set a discription, and have all the item functions (from the base game) so you can make custom items like different guns from the hand cannon function. and different items to craft with (in survival ships)

YTCaleStanley - 416 days ago Link

I am ok with it. LaNgOStInO says its fine and LaNgOStInO stole from me though

Hi I am nice - 415 days ago - Edited 415 days agoLink

Yeah, i used to have a anonymous account, and now my ships "The Collector Ship" and "The Storage/Trading Ship", need #gQUF1q to be demoted. Haven't used the account in years.


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