[ARCHIVE] Sparrow King[ARCHIVE] Legacy Points

Points were awarded for controlling the Sparrow KotH Square.



#NameIDKotH Score
801ɳყא [BGI] 2 {CFA04}922 pts
802'🔱 | storage ⁂'{B30E6}922 pts
803 GalacticWasteManagement - SAF{87A68}921 pts
804🛡️| T-50{AF2AF}920 pts
805ThE BeST SHip🛡️{9AEF6}919 pts
806⏰ Defied Destiny⏰ {67532}918 pts
807🥊M💸O 💳N 💰E 🤑Y 🥊baby{B8C67F}918 pts
808🥧Dhar Mann Fam🥧[KL🏆]{096953}916 pts
809≛ FED | Snow Cloud{5E69D}915 pts
810cougar{573E0C}915 pts
811FED | Lord Basset{5C2B1}913 pts
812пж не бей{ADB9DD8}913 pts
813🐝Yoda🍯🟢{86FF4}913 pts
814🔪ай меня снайпнули🔪{AAD37}911 pts
815hi-SAF{9AAA1D}909 pts
816IKEA mining ship{0E57D4}909 pts
817[OP] Punchy Flaky - 🍺{4C915D}908 pts
818🐸пила🐸{6B032A}908 pts
819American Pie Recruitment 🥧{0ABEC6}907 pts
820🐅sʟᴜᴢʜʙᴀ sᴘᴀsᴇɴɪᴀ 911[ɢʟ]🐅{ABE80}906 pts
821ALMACEN{B20298}906 pts
822DontWrenchBombMe [🐅]{66ABD}905 pts
823balls{9FFE2E}905 pts
824The Collecter Out of Time⏰{B2DEC}904 pts
825GM 🩸🩸🩸BLOODSHED🩸🩸🩸{9F224}903 pts
826Scout Mk.V{13B2FD}903 pts
827nie fodit{2656F}903 pts
828555_FP_2{D2FD6}902 pts
829FED ≃ | Orphan Obliderator | FED{0D5DBB}902 pts
830мусорка{C741A3}901 pts
831⌖SS nah lol⌖{D5684}898 pts
832Enchanted Wooden Shovel - SAF{27836}898 pts
833🍺Flox🍺{CE3FC3}898 pts
834inferno's Scattershot auto{55FF12}896 pts
835red🍺{E8002E}895 pts
836MM | hallucination{3DA8B}894 pts
837戦争- void eater - SAF{DAABE}892 pts
838The fear of regulators🐅{968D6}892 pts
839 🔥 ez canary 🔥{83EFD}892 pts
840🐅TR-S2🐅{5250C}891 pts
841🐅bonitsha 🐅{8A550}890 pts
842PIE- KaioKenx20 {0353C}889 pts
843𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓟𝓼𝔂𝓬𝓱𝓸𝓽𝓲𝓬 𝓓𝓾𝓸{75589}889 pts
844 🐅 croissant [P]{DEF12}889 pts
845🔥MM - Ares🔥{CB18A2}888 pts
846𝙋𝙤𝙡𝙤𝙣𝙞𝙪𝙢⚜🦉{73B1B}887 pts
847🛡️DLspjiker's Farmer 🐬{DA175}886 pts
848🛡️ Beta Flyer{9E4AC}885 pts
849MM PseudoAres{AAF31}884 pts
850💀{86E87E}884 pts
851🛡️| T-28{C4D8B}884 pts
852ez{D4AC4B}881 pts
8538 stake of iron = 16 flux{E90B7}880 pts
854flux and trading ship{029E13}880 pts
855👻MEGIIIK{B86655}879 pts
856💣4Pf💣{4D6F0}878 pts
857Cricket Димана{D62A8D}877 pts
858duck ship miner{F3A907}877 pts
859🔵⚪🔴 FSI | Challenger{64B18}877 pts
860 ᴇᴘɪᴄ| Eros{7FC077}875 pts
861KIng[saf]{E02747}875 pts
862𝓑𝓚 flux{405FD1}874 pts
863ahhh ship{DCEF1}874 pts
864Go little or go home{3A293A}873 pts
865[Ⱥ] SKillet 12{817C3}872 pts
866Danville{49EE6D}871 pts
867🕵️‍♂️ | Snuggle Me! | 🕵️‍♂️{342FE3}871 pts
868SAF | FARMINATOR {E1028}869 pts
869 🔪Beast🔪[ST]{BCD79}869 pts
870SOX{338AB}867 pts
871Fallen Order Will Be Gone{24775}867 pts
872≛ FED | PEACE{CC06C2}867 pts
873[M] Ritual [M]{DDEF9}866 pts
874💣 Bounchy Babe ᵖᵘⁿᶜʰᵉʳ 💣{16695}866 pts
875GA Wassabi{356C84}865 pts
876🛡️|Millennium Falcon (≘5haial≘){C68C01}865 pts
877🐅 mini bombe{82E38}864 pts
878 💣Hello there 💣{13174F}864 pts
879Лолка SAF{3AC600}863 pts
880⏰ ɹǝɥɔunԀ I stand proud{01804}859 pts
881ABC123 Mining{075294F}859 pts
882MINI PUCH{C3067}859 pts
883PH || potato rescue ops 🥔{B960A}857 pts
884✨minerito✨{35235}857 pts
885rekill{880E6}857 pts
886PB&J{F6389D}856 pts
887Skipper{097D3}856 pts
888☭ℂ𝕄𝔽 - Sniper Manual☭{16B01}855 pts
889глупо{7EAC3C9}855 pts
890🍃 l Piranha{38DB5F}853 pts
891Slatino (💣){351D65}852 pts
892 ᴇᴘɪᴄ l ☼Sun☼{6D722}851 pts
893HL{86EB1}851 pts
894🍺| VENGENCE|🍺{72345A}850 pts
895SAF собака{77044C}849 pts
896join please/entra Porfa{AAD741}848 pts
897800👻{A80642}848 pts
898👑Jellyfish👑{A2AC86}848 pts
899Scrap{B142CD}848 pts
900☁️ | ꧁༺ʀɛɖ ɦǟɨʟ༻꧂ {767E64}846 pts