[ARCHIVE] Sparrow King[ARCHIVE] Legacy Points

Points were awarded for controlling the Sparrow KotH Square.



#NameIDKotH Score
501по пути к флюксам{A883D8}1,340 pts
502🍺 Serenity 🍺{59834A}1,338 pts
503🟦Double Trouble🟩{CCEC6C}1,336 pts
504Emilia{1F629}1,334 pts
505Corozal{C1625}1,333 pts
506Z-52 - SAF{2B309}1,330 pts
507𝙍𝙚𝙙 𝙊𝙧𝙗 (🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺){A6C259}1,330 pts
508a{85AAF2}1,327 pts
509eee{11C3F2}1,327 pts
510ⓈⓄⓍ | Gold Experience Requiem 🐠{804EEF}1,327 pts
511☁️We Don't Talk About Timmy y y {3DEE8}1,324 pts
5128.5-SAF{AECEA8}1,324 pts
513⚡ur mother has stolen ur flux⚡{86E5CC}1,310 pts
514GA | 🐱 [🤨]{0EC38}1,304 pts
515🔱⁕angry ...⁕🔱{5CFA7}1,304 pts
516Sunrise over Flux 🌄{A0C6AF}1,303 pts
517🎖️ Nymph 🎖️{132B3}1,303 pts
518ЭРОНДОНДОН{CA388C}1,299 pts
519.{731250}1,296 pts
520Died Ships of The Ñosco of Test{0CC05}1,295 pts
521 🐅Kanonenjagdpanzer 105🐅{52AFF}1,295 pts
522HL| Jaws of Hell{9002A}1,295 pts
523PS⭐Don Omar{2BB60}1,294 pts
524🐅Joshy sea🐅{5658B3}1,291 pts
525🐸 AI0ne Baby :c 🐸 pepe{24EF2}1,290 pts
526⚖️{60EF3}1,289 pts
527.{F0ADE5}1,289 pts
528ⓈⓄⓍ | koth or something{9FCB6F}1,288 pts
529-bruh-🔺 {433872}1,287 pts
530Widomaker{09AD2}1,284 pts
531👾king of canary👾{734701}1,281 pts
532amed why u do that?{B7E805}1,274 pts
533Ceremony and Devotion. {15DCB4}1,274 pts
534🍉Inu🍉{041422}1,273 pts
535first cap is gone{220385}1,272 pts
536GRIEFING{A7F9B}1,272 pts
537🕵 pls no shoot i am friendly ;){F73C13}1,271 pts
538WS-снайпик-SR 🌍{F35E1}1,271 pts
539👻-𝕲𝕷𝕺𝕭𝖀𝕾 𝕲𝕬𝕹𝕲 {0FA8B3}1,270 pts
540💣Mini-nonamed💣{235D87}1,270 pts
541👻Boom Boom bakudan👻{C6137}1,269 pts
542👑 | {P} MiddleClass{04EEE}1,265 pts
543🥧Papa Emeritus IV🥧{20F92}1,264 pts
544🐅mini punch ᵖᵘⁿᶜʰᵉʳ 🐅{80EFD}1,263 pts
545🕵️sniper🕵️{A0544}1,251 pts
546new ship{7C1D2}1,251 pts
547[ᗫ໊ձδ̖ຼʂ] Да?{1FB258}1,249 pts
548Scarping (Bounty Hunters){99D7B}1,248 pts
549i am a beer{4675A}1,245 pts
550🦆 genocide{96A7C4}1,243 pts
551idk what im doing{ABCF3E}1,243 pts
552🐉dynempire🐉{52969}1,243 pts
553GA{BDC5B}1,241 pts
554Tesla Model X{7EDD72}1,236 pts
555 ᴇᴘɪᴄ | Brauner Bär{CFF5D5}1,235 pts
556giving away turrets{622221}1,234 pts
557🔥MM - Flux Zone 🔥{77A74D}1,233 pts
558☯505☯{00B872}1,232 pts
559im wahtcing you...{4107C}1,231 pts
560Plakia{0EE29D}1,230 pts
561SAF = balls{8BE56}1,228 pts
562🍺| Destruction Awaits You |🌐{CA049}1,227 pts
563[BGI]im Toyota Mark II{4D5F7}1,226 pts
564={E2138}1,223 pts
565Ammo Fac2{A6D989}1,223 pts
566selling{55277D}1,220 pts
567👻атака 👻{91DAA}1,218 pts
568Палка Закопалка ЧК{70B5DE}1,216 pts
569speedy ship 2.0 🍺{6BA64}1,216 pts
570🐅加賀Ⅰ🐅{5918C}1,214 pts
571⏰Red Bot Exterminator{1F44C}1,212 pts
572 🔰headshot🔰{967E5D}1,212 pts
573🔆 𝕾𝖔𝖚𝖑 𝕮𝖗𝖚𝖘𝖍𝖊𝖗{825F9}1,206 pts
574uyjtd{6E5CB}1,206 pts
575FED 𝕆𝕡𝕦𝕝𝕖𝕟𝕔𝕖 {34A1CE}1,202 pts
576Chonky [BGI]{A3A06}1,202 pts
577смертоносец{100E4}1,200 pts
578разбитая электронка 👻{08EEEC}1,198 pts
579C{F2B533C}1,198 pts
580≛ FED | Snopah ≛ kill yes yes{783738}1,197 pts
581👻 мир ?👻{B58DF4}1,192 pts
582Till Valhalla{5E8B0}1,192 pts
583GA m/48 Carl Gustav{907663}1,188 pts
584сори{45263}1,187 pts
585ɳყא{4BBD9}1,186 pts
586████ off no loot for u{618FC}1,185 pts
587👑 - Hitman{48A9E55}1,184 pts
588🌀CraftyGamer scout🌀{D18ED}1,176 pts
589STкусок мяса в маєнєзє{5993A}1,174 pts
590USS Polar Express{0D58C4}1,169 pts
591🔔свинка 2.0🔔{C5BC6}1,168 pts
592Вы сломали мой квест{62121}1,165 pts
593≃FED | Trader for FED≃ {2D095F}1,162 pts
594🛡️I Flux Stonks{F3CE84}1,159 pts
595EYES 👀 {3DC9A}1,159 pts
596friendly farmer(pls no attack){1D0F31}1,158 pts
597👻фарм👻{88DC35}1,155 pts
598Trolling slug. 🍺{8DA25}1,153 pts
599Nemesis{93A4A8}1,149 pts
600🐅 monkaSTEER 🐅{F1B43}1,147 pts