Shield Rework - Roadmap

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cogg - 335 days ago - Edited 219 days agoLink

MiguelEX3 - 335 days ago Link

theres a ETA for the update in real drednot?

Im 0r1ngeguy - 335 days ago - Edited 335 days agoLink

yes yes very cool, I am excited about the shield projectors. suggestion: make modders able to mod whatever the shield projector projects if anything comes out of it. (For example: if a hexagon image comes out of the shield projector, let modders change that png or image that comes out of the shield projector.)

derpi - 335 days ago Link

I quite like this! Though, I would recommend making the shield components add a tiny bit of combat rating so people don't spam them on finchers.

Mr Gabriel - 333 days ago Link

Why u maked with 500 hp i can make again 1000hp was too funny with 1.53m hp was much funny

By Mr Gabriel

JohnBoy2 - 332 days ago Link

Idk this kind of ruins the best part of drednot in my opinion imo.

Nikhil 2 - 326 days ago Link

this update is amazing, but i just don't like that leaking

FoxMan - 326 days ago Link

Man this will ruin battleships lol

Axolotl - 325 days ago Link

This will completely destroy small farmers. Please don't incorporate this update Small farmers don't have space for fuel tanks Many people loved the way dred was before

iplaythis - 321 days ago Link

I think it is a good idea but it could be OP if used right. Very large ships could could use a lot of shield generators and fabs to constantly produce cores and just tank everything, making smaller ships a lot weaker than they already are. To solve this, it could contribute to combat rating or have the max Hp be based on how much shields you generate per second.

me oww - 321 days ago - Edited 321 days agoLink

I don't think this is a good idea. Think about all those battleships out there that will have to completely rework their designs. Besides, it makes big ships too OP. The only reason I like these blocks is because of their funny collisions that I can toy with, and their textures look nice, and when recycled give a lot of metal(I'm rich if I take down a bunch of small ships then).

I LX I - 319 days ago - Edited 319 days agoLink

This is a very good Idea. Just saying, I often find that with these new game changing updates, it helps if you research a bit. Shields are not op, and even a max height ship with shields (I built) can't last too long in a good pin. It makes it a lot easier for non-clan players to play solo in finch. Also keep in mind that Cogg has his own test server, and he has done his research. The formula that he has used to regulate is very good for it's purpose. If you want a visual on it, you can plug it into a co-ordinate geometry program- like

I am in full support of this update, and I believe it is just one step to making the gameplay more dynamic and easier for casual players (like myself) who clans like to kick because of inactivity. Well done, keep up the good work.

I LX I - 319 days ago Link

I agree with @Im 0r1ngeguy. Additionally I think that there should be a green transparent square that pops up when placing to show new players where to place things. I think that having the explanation in words is good to, but for some people who don't read english (or don't want to) there should be some sort of graphic UI.

I LX I - 319 days ago Link

I agree on some aspects with @iplaythis. Really small ships will have some difficulty killing big ships with fast regen. However, small ships are cheaper and aren’t going to kill many things effectively. If anything, the old heal system was far more imbalanced. A ship with enough spam healers could tank anything, while this new update balances things against clans and against medium-large ships in general.

Bubba123 - 318 days ago Link

I partly agree with ILXI, but if there's one thing that this update will result in is going to be a lot more ship spam, which will make it harder for non-clan people to fight clan ships. But this really solves their crew issue. The only thing you'll really need crew for is either blockspamming or mid-battle repairs, both of which can give you the ability to keep fighting. However, we might see smaller, more maneuverable ships start coming out in larger numbers with this regen to counter the larger, more tanky and less agile ships. Looking forward to this.

I LX I - 318 days ago Link

@Bubba123, I completely agree with this statement. I would go further to say that whatever buffs Cogg adds for crew needs to be worth it. I can definitely see this taking all of the spam healers out of the big ships and into affordable, more efficient smaller ships. However, I think that was one of the ideas with this update. Cogg said that he regretted most of the game being based around clans fielding the biggest and tankiest ships possible. The shields effectively nerf large ships and hand a bit of an advantage to slow ships. It still isn't by much though, and I think until the next pvp gameplay update, big ships will still be a big part (But slightly less big) of the game. The advantages of multi-crew ships still extend outside of healers (For example block spammers) and whatever buffs Cogg is developing. Big ships also still currently have more pushing force, and therefore a better pinning ability.

COOL BOB - 312 days ago - Edited 312 days agoLink


5haial or FrostyBee - 285 days ago Link

good idea

CryptoHelper1 - 262 days ago Link

No. This would kill off small farmers and battleships entirely, both of which don't have the space to fit tanks and generators. Please don't add this.

InfameArts - 254 days ago Link

This update will absolutely make 90% of players quit.

justanoob - 253 days ago - Edited 253 days agoLink


Spectator has - 222 days ago Link

Really 100% trash update.


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