Rules - Deep Space Airships

We reserve the right to terminate your account or restrict access for any reason; however, breaking the following rules may directly result in a ban and/or deletion of account data.

  1. Minimum Age: You must be at least 13 years old to play. If you admit to being younger, we may be forced to ban your account.
  2. Personal Information: Please do not share personal information, such as your real name, location, age, or pictures. Do not share personal information of other users. Do not request personal information of other users. This includes attempts to entrap users and get them banned for rule 1 by asking for their age.
  3. Obscenity: Do not make sexually explicit remarks or images. Do not make extremely graphically violent remarks or images. Do not link to any of this content.
  4. Bigotry: Do not make discriminatory remarks or images toward any race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, or disability.
  5. Online Dating / Roleplay: Do not seek out romantic relationships here. Do not roleplay romantic relationships. See rule 3.
  6. Profanity Filter Circumvention: Do not try to get around the profanity filter, especially to break rules 3 and 4. Yes, we know it's not hard. Yes, we do have tools to catch you doing it.
  7. [NEW] Impersonation: Do not create extra accounts in order to impersonate other users. This may result in all your accounts being banned.
  8. Real-World Trading: Do not exchange in-game goods or services for goods or services outside of the game.
  9. Cheating: Do not use third-party tools or modifications to the client code to gain a substantial advantage in-game. This includes so-called "heal bots" and "zoom hacks".
  10. Account Theft: Do not share or try to steal accounts owned by other users. Do not distribute malware to steal accounts.
  11. Bug Abuse: Do not abuse bugs to gain advantage in the game. This includes item duplication, anything that can be abused for an advantage in combat, and anything that can compromise the security of our systems. Reporting these types of game-breaking bugs may result in an in-game reward. Deliberate abuse may result in bans. Widespread abuse may result in rollbacks. There is very little to gain from trying to abuse bugs.
  12. Denial of Service: Do not deliberately try to lag or crash the servers, or to make the game unplayable for other users. This is mainly applicable to the test servers. Do not spam-eject items or try to annoy other users by flying your ship over theirs.
  13. [NEW] Rule Enforcement: Do not allow other users to break these rules when you are able to stop them. For example, if someone draws obscene art on your ship, and you don't ban them and remove it, you are both equally likely to be punished.
  14. Threats and Intimidation: Do not threaten real-world violence. Do not threaten to hack other users, or to release their personal information.
  15. Self-Harm: Do not encourage self-harm. Do not threaten to harm yourself. If you or someone you know is engaging in self-harm or has suicidal thoughts, please talk to someone you trust, or contact a crisis hotline.
  16. Harassment: Do not harass other users for extended periods of time, especially if they've made it clear they don't want to deal with you. Do not follow them from ship to ship, or chase their ship around in order to harass them. Do not ban evade on someone's ship in order to continue harassing them. Do not gang up to harass an individual user. Note: The bar for what we consider "harassment" is actually pretty high. A user not liking you, or being mean to you a few times does not constitute harassment. Two users with mutual issues, who trash talk each-other does not constitute harassment. If you want to report harassment, you will need to make a compelling case.
  17. Ban Evasion: Bans may be extended if we catch you evading a ban.