Drednot Quick Start

First, choose your name and create a team if possible, or join an existing team.

Loading Turrets

Move with WASD and Space. Move near an ammo box () and click on it to grab it. Now move to a turret and click on it to load it.


Note that only one person can pilot a ship at a time. If you have an item, drop it with Q. Move to the helm () and click on it. Move the ship with WASD and fire your orange RC turrets by clicking. PressSpace or Escape to exit the helm.


The normal grey turrets can be controlled by players. Walk up to one, make sure your don't have an item in your hand, and click on it. Fire your turrets by clicking. Press Space or Escape to exit the turret.


Soon you will need to craft more ammo for your turrets. First, load metal () and explosives () into the Fabricator (). Next empty your hands and click on the Fabricator. Select the item you wish to craft from the list, and use the buttons in the right window to start crafting. Exit the crafting menu with Space or Escape, and wait for the Fabricator to finish. Crafting extra repair kits and keeping them on hand is also recommended.

More Help

For more in-depth help, open the main help window using the buttons below.

You can also use the in-game Team Chat (Enter) to ask other players for help.