Patron Benefits - Deep Space Airships

This page serves as a more organized and up-to-date list of all benefits given to patrons, as well as a guide for redeeming these benefits.

Patron benefits may change in the future.

The patron page can be found here.

Warning: Benefits do not include immunity to bans, or the ability to cheat in items not listed here. Patrons are held to the same standards as other players and will still be banned if they break the rules.

Warning: Attempting to profit in-game from patron benefits is forbidden.

Bronze ($3 / Month)Silver ($6 / Month)Gold ($10 / Month)Platinum ($15 / Month)Flux ($20 / Month)
Wrench Items1 2 A
Crafted in Starter and Engineering Fabricators.
Additional Outfits3 4 A
In-Game Patron Badge
+ Glowing Orange NameA
Join Full ServersAYes
No AdvertisementsAYes
Discord BenefitsB
  • Tier-Specific Role
  • Ability to Change Name Color
  • Access to a Patron-Only Channel
  1. Patron-exclusive items can be crafted on ships with patron perks enabled, can not be traded, and will de-spawn if perks are disabled for that ship. Every patron can enable perks on up to three ships. See section (A) below for more information. Every tier includes the items of all the previous tiers.
  2. Warning: Manually spawned "Eternal" wrenches are no-longer available. All of these special wrenches function identically to normal wrenches.
  3. Patron cosmetics can now be directly equipped on all ships using the /outfit chat command.
  4. Warning: Equippable patron cosmetics can still be crafted in equipment fabricators if you have perks enabled, but are deprecated and may be removed in the future.

A) Redeeming In-Game Benefits

Patron Status

You can link your account to your Patreon account from the settings menu. This requires using an account already linked to another third party service.

You get to keep your in-game patron status for 1 month after cancelling your Patreon membership.

Patron Items

Once you have in-game patron status, you can craft patron items by enabling patron perks for a ship.

Once perks are enabled, you will be able to craft patron items using the fabricators listed in the table above.

You can view the ships you have applied perks to on the account page.

B) Redeeming Discord Benefits

Discord benefits work in the official server. See this guide.

If you have issues, try un-linking and re-linking your Discord account to your Patreon account.

Help + Support

If you have issues with patron perks, it is probably best to contact me via Patreon's message system, but you can also email or DM me in discord.