Instructions for Claiming Ownership - Roadmap

cogg - 7 days ago - Edited 2 days agoLink

I'm putting this here for lack of a better place.

If you are captain of a ship, and the owner is inactive, you will be unable to eject rare items. Please follow these steps if you want to claim ownership of one or more ships:

  1. Are you one of the highest ranked active captains? If not, ask them to follow these steps. If the account you wish to claim ownership with is not already a captain, your request will be denied.
  2. Can you contact the current owner? If so, please ask them for the ship. If they don't want to give you the ship, please respect their decision. If they can't log in, or you can't contact them, please continue these steps.
  3. Contact cogg via discord (DM me) or email ( Include the ship id(s), your username, the current owner's user name, and a short explanation (Is the old account your alt or a friend who quit?). You may be banned for trying to abuse this process. The rest of this post outlines cogg's procedure.

  1. Do they have a linked account, and can they be contacted? If so, ask them if they want to give up the ship. If they can be reached, respect their choice, otherwise continue.
  2. Have they played at all since December 2021? If not, grant the request. Otherwise deny the request. This date is subject to change and may be rolled forward gradually.

When granting requests, just lower the captain rank of the old owner.

Use of discretion: Grant possible exceptions (lower activity timeout) for obvious alts, aliases, lower value ships, and well-known users in good standing.

derpi - 7 days ago Link

Great system, I quite like it

ilya2000matveev - 7 days ago Link

Yes ^

thiago1255 - 6 days ago Link

I was with some players, dislinking this update. But with this information and that one in discord, i start thinking was a really good one.

hhh1234 - 6 days ago Link

Amazing idea Cogg!

Mindustry player FFM - 6 days ago Link

cogg i hate u (ilya2000matveev should say that too hes probally banned too)

Septuni Lion - 6 days ago Link

Great job from a fully grown man like you

NommingOnFire27 - 6 days ago Link

Just sent a request. Love the Idea. Hoping for the best.

SCL Leaders alt - 5 days ago Link

Mhm smart

TheGamingChair - 4 days ago Link

possibly the only good part of this update

Michal133 - 2 days ago Link

Alvahar {3161A} 1., I am 2., aaa yes, its me, but on account that i lost

KOLEKSII - 7 hours ago Link

I think that flux is quite common and products made from it are of little value. So the flux lockdown is more of a hindrance than a help.


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