Improving the King's Square - Roadmap

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cogg - 769 days ago - Edited 769 days agoLink

This isn't a concrete plan, but a list of possible ideas for improving the King's Square event. I've said before that I'm not super happy about spending more time on it, but all of these would be easy to implement. These changes might involve freezing the current leaderboard and rolling over to a new one.

Remove the flux reward.

Originally I hadn't planned for there to be one at all, but I was trying to sweeten the pot and add some incentive to interact with it. For a while I was questioning whether PvP content should have material rewards at all, and my conclusion was that it's probably okay as long as there aren't unique rewards that give you significant advantages.

The problem is that picking a reward that's fair for people who want to do the event in the way it's intended, and not have it abused by turds who want to queue up and treat it like a flux dispenser is impossible.

Move it to Finch.

I've come to believe that a majority of the content being centered around "no-limits" zones is a bad deal. It effectively creates an arms race where you build the largest ships viable, and prey on anyone unable or unwilling to invest that time.

The combat rating system isn't perfect and I'd like something better, but it DOES provide some kind of limitation which is honestly probably good. Moving it might increase competition to the point where the flux reward is less of an issue.

Adjust the Scoring

One option is to remove all the leader tracking logic and the fixed timers. Add time to a ship if it's the only ship in the square. Once that ship has hit some value, reset only it's time and declare it a winner. I don't know how much this would actually help, but it's less convoluted and probably more fair.


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