Construction Improvements - Prep for Auto-Building - Roadmap

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cogg - 769 days ago - Edited 673 days agoLink

These are some of my most immediate priorities.

Better Build Checks

We've already made some improvements in this area, with build checks now taking the shapes of blocks into account. I'd still like to make a few improvements: It should be possible to build expand-boxes over ladders and walkways, and it should be possible to build these blocks over expando-boxes.

I'm not sure how easy this will be to add, but it would be nice to be able to place expando-boxes at a specific rotation -- or at least increments of 15 degrees.

Better Machine Configuration

We'd like to be able to configure machines before we place them, with UI similar to the paint color picker and the block shape picker.

It would also be convenient to be able to copy / paste the settings of machines from one machine to another. This will probably use the usual CTRL-C / CTRL-V shortcut.

Most likely we'll introduce this with hatches and loaders. There might be some changes to the UI - for example, using the new item picker - but overall it should be a huge improvement to quality of life.


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